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Show sanctions and other services do NOT require shipping. If you are including items such as grand champion certificates, comment cards, etc., shipping fees will apply.)

ARBA chartered clubs, fairs & expositions, and show circuits must purchase an official ARBA sanction for EACH show the club or organization plans to host.

REGARDING NATIONAL SPECIALTY SHOWS: PLEASE remember to indicate in the ‘NOTES’ field near the bottom of the Online Sanction Form that you are requesting a sanction for a NATIONAL SPECIALTY SHOW.

Multiple shows may be purchased together as long as ALL of the following conditions apply:

(1) All shows are of the same show TYPE; i.e. Open All Breed, Youth All Breed, Open Specialty, Youth Specialty

(2) All shows begin and end on the SAME DAY

(3) All shows have the same SHOW SECRETARY and SHOW SUPERINTENDENT

(4) All shows are sponsored or hosted by the same CLUB or ORGANIZATION

If all of the above conditions apply, place the appropriate number in the quantity field at checkout.

If you would like to purchase multiple sanctions with DIFFERENT information; i.e. secretary/superintendent info, show type, date, or host club, you will need to make each show sanction purchase SEPARATELY.

NOTE: ARBA Show Sanctions and other service items do NOT apply to volume discount for shopping cart purchases.

Enter one breed selection per sanction.