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Online Form for State All Breed Clubs

Items marked with an asterisk are required; however it is appropriate to include as much contact information as possible. While a MINIMUM of three (3) Directors MUST be included in an All Breed or Show Circuit Charter, the names and contact information of ALL club Directors must be submitted with the Charter form. The form below includes fields for up to six (6) Directors. If there are more than six (6) Directors in your club, you may upload an additional file containing the names and contact info of any additional club Directors. If you have any questions regarding this form or club charters in general, please contact the ARBA office.
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Following is the section where you add your club directors.

 While only the first 5 are set as required, you must list ALL.

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Is a current copy of your club's
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I am the Secretary of the above club & affirm the above is true and correct. I further affirm that I have read Article II, Sections 1 - 11 in the ARBA Constitution & By-Laws as they pertain to club charters.

A list of All local and/or specialty clubs affiliated with the state association MUST be attached to this application. A MINIMUM of 3 clubs is required. All affiliated clubs must be chartered with the ARBA and be within your state boundaries.

If you have any additional files or lists you need to
attach to this application, you may upload here.

State Club Charter Fees
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($30.00 New; $20.00 Renewal)

Late Fee
($25.00 if submitted Feb 1 - March 1)

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