ARBA Hall of Fame Donors

Thank you to all ARBA Hall of Fame Library Donors!
If you are interested in becoming a donor, visit our donation page. 

BENEFACTOR……….$5,000.00 or more

Kevin Whaley – KW Cage – CA

PATRON……….$2,500.00 to $4,999.00

Marylouise Cowan – ME Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Assn., Inc.
Purina Mills, Inc. – MO Tom Mason – OH

FRIEND……….$1,000.00 to $2,499.00

Russell Hammann – OH Evergreen Rabbit BA – WA
American Dutch Rabbit Club In Memory of Lynn Gillis – CA
North Valley Rabbit Breeders Assn. – CA Lenore & Eugene Gergen – MN
Bass Equipment Company – MO Heinold Feeds – IN
Members of Texas Rabbit Breeders Assn. Stephen & Teri Reymann – CA

MEMBER……….$500.00 to $999.00

Consolidated Nutrition Feed In Memory of Ed Carpenter
Indiana State Rabbit Breeders Assn. F.L. Emmert Co. Showbloom
Heinold Feeds – In Memory of Dr. T.E. Reed Keep It Hopping Rabbit Club – CA
Golden West Rabbit Breeders Assn. – CA Dr. Chris & Johnora Hayhow
Land of Lincoln Satin Rabbit Breeders Assn. Hartl Lucks – VA
Lone Star Satin Rabbit Breeders Assn. Oren R. Reynolds – IL
Oxbow Hay Co. – John Miller – NE Glen C. Carr – ARBA Secretary
Smokey Mountain Rabbit Breeders Assn. Estate of Dr. T.E. Reed
In Memory of Branden Durbin Bloomington-Normal Rabbit BA
In Memory of Sunny & Forrest Harper E.G. (Ed) & Mike Withrow – TX
Columbus Rabbit Breeders Assn. – OH Silver Sage Rabbit & Cavy BA – NV
In Memory of Galen West Joel W. Petrus – LA
Southside Virginia Rabbit Breeders Land O’ Lakes Feeds
In Memory of Marilyn Tersteeg – MN Pacific West R & C Show Circuit
North Plains Rabbit Breeders Assn. – ND In Memory of Barbara Walker – KS
Bob D. Whitman – TX Edwin & Deborah Knouse – FL
In Memory of Dick Gates – IL R & C Shows In Memory of Darrell Bramhall – AZ ND RC
In Memory of Chuck Gomez – ARBA Judge Golden West Rabbit Breeders Assn. – CA
Wilma Russell