The ARBA Election Committee met 4/18/21 to tabulate the  ballots for the proposed resolutions to our Constitution and By-Laws.  As you can see, all proposed resolutions passed with over 90% approval from the 2011 members who cast their ballots.  The ARBA Constitution and By-Laws will be updated 6/17/21 to reflect the effective date 60 days after certification by the ARBA Election Committee.

Proposed Change
By-Laws Article IV: 1868 approve, 138 disapprove, 5 no votes
Constitution Article III, Section 4: 1820 approve, 178 disapprove, 13 no votes
By-Laws Article II Section 3 (f): 1865 approve, 131 disapprove, 15 no votes
By-Laws Article II Section 5(d): 1858 approve, 143 disapprove, 10 no votes
By-Laws Article V Section 2: 1828 approve, 168 disapprove, 15 no votes
2011 Ballots returned and tabulated