ARBA Committees

The following committees established by the ARBA Board of Directors, provide valuable service to the American Rabbit Breeders Association and its members by performing preparatory work which is helpful in guiding Board decisions that will serve the best interest of the ARBA and its members.

Special Committees prove themselves invaluable by carrying out tasks on behalf of the Board in areas which include fundraising, research, and interractions between members, government, and technologies which have the potential to impact rabbit and cavy hobbiests as well as commercial enterprises, to name but a few. These committees are vital in implementing various operations and activities such as the annual ARBA National Convention.

The opportunity to serve on a committee not only facilitates the various operations of the ARBA, but can serve as a training ground for those members who aspire to further serve the ARBA in the future by becoming Board members themselves. Members who have an interest in serving their hobby interests beyond the local level should contact their District Director to make this willingness to serve known.

Standing Committees

Advertising & Publicity

Allyse Sullivan, WI-Chair
Joe Buchanan
Mike Huston
Laurie Penterman
Amber Tondre
Sandra Wight


Dave Freeman, OH-Chair
Becky Forney, PA
Linda Oneal, NY

Commercial Dept.

Andrew Gauck, IN Chair
Kelly Secord
Blake Foraker
Terry Grubb
Don Mersiovsky

Constitution Committee

Brock Meanor, PA-Chair
Wendy Lange, WA
Debbie Sandoval, CA

Credentials Committee

Kathy Lugo, CA-Chair
Loretta Odabashian, CA
Becky Ormond, UT

Election Committee

Dr. Amy Mersiovsky, TX-Chair
Dr. Karen Morgan
Loyd Morgan., Jr.
Jennifer Schimpf
Donna Stone
Alternate-Amie Klaus, and
Alternate-Done Mersiovsky

Resolutions Committee

Jennifer Burr, NY- Chair
Matt Fuller
Piper Debruler

Research and Development Committee

Andrew Miles, PA-Chair
Paula Courtney
Adam Schuller
Ally Rudy
Juliet Hamak
Kaitlyn Conklin
Sara Malone
Josh Campbell
Seth William Thomas
Denise Stutler

Rabbit Standards Committee

Briony Smith, KS-Chair
Armando Cabrera
Rob Frizzell, Andy High
Mike Avesing
Bruce Ormsby
Alan Rafferty
Tiffany Wayne
Chris Zemny

Cavy Standards Committee

Mary Lou Eisel, ON-Chair
Sara Buchanan
James Goodrich
Dana Kolstad
Linda Loucks
Melissa Magee
Ken McCracken
Cindy Newton
Faith Storms

Youth Department

Tom Berger, IN-Chair
Valerie Uptagrafft
Bruce Ormsby
Theresa Christian
Lynette Williams
Kelli Slack
Dale Mize
Melinda Smith
Kathy Shea
David Delsignore

Show Rules Committee

Phil Humfleet, GA-Chair
Jim Rowland
Tony Bell
Arian Dworzecki
Bruce Ford
Jamie Green
Griffin Harrah
Sue Gillispie
Tara Parker
Rich Steinberg
Reed Tibbetts

Youth Scholarship Committee

Christi Ringelstetter, WI-Chair
Denise Ancharski-Stutler
Jackie Sutton
Kyla Gierke
Sheri Singer
Darrel Clatterbuck
Ethan Harvill
Maryann Chmura
Oneida Lambert

Membership Services

Kelly Hinde, CA-Chair
Teresa Desautell
Kathi Groves
Laurie Penterman
Sandra Wight

Special Committees

Airline Committee

Joe Kim, OR
Shari Albrecht
Sara Buchanan
Cathleen Carr
Betty Chu
Janet Forrest
Maddie Pratt,
Kevin Whaley
Lisa Wittrock

Special Committee – Club Liaison

Brock Meanor, PA-Chair
Lonnie Harper
Wendy Lange
Debbie Sandoval
Kendal Bledsoe

Complaint Investigation

Appoint as needed

Convention Liaison

Ted DeLoyola, OR

Domestic Rabbits

Sandra Wight, GA-Chair
Eric Stewart
Kathi Groves
Debbie Vigue

Equipment Manager

Bob Price, IN
Ted Deloyola

Judges Continuing Education Committee

Louis Potter, FL-Chair
Briony Smith
Kendel Bledsoe
Juliet Hamak
Jordan Miner
Kathi Groves
Cheryl Eng-Link
James Goodrich
Melissa Magee
Kate Smith
Mary Ellen Stamets
Pam Jones

Judge Review

Bill Patrick, OH-Chair
Molly Covert
Gail Krall
Steve Lussier

Legislative Liaison

Karen Horn, NJ

Library Committee

Ellie Bonde, MD-Chair
Kevin Whaley-Co-Chair
Sharon Barnes
Johnny Haussener
Deb Morrison


Membership Recognition

Clarence Linsey, KS-Chair
Jason Karwoski
Matt Fuller
Bruce Johnson
Dallas Meyer
Lois Rawlings
Helen Eden
Jamie Green

Rabbit & Cavy Health

Dr. Jay Hreiz, NC-Chair
Denise Ancharski-Stutler
Dr. Tiffany Bohlman
Dr. Wendy Feaga
Dr. Alfred Mina
Dr. Fritz Trybus
Kimberly Weems

ED Performance Review

Deb Morrison, OK-Chair
Johnny Haussener
Rusty Westhoff

International Liaison Committee

Arie Wardhani, Indonesia
Richelle Briones
Josee Maher
Masako Miyazaki
Kamarulazwa Muhammad
Jed Lawrence Ong
Sally Turner

ARBA Checkoff Program Liaison

Sam Albrecht, CO

Judge Mentor Program

Cheryl Eng-Link, HI-Chair
Molly Covert
Steve Lussier
Randy Shumaker


Sandra Wight, GA
Jane Burt
Cheryl Eng-Link
Ramie Grisson, Maddie Pratt
Lindsey Vaught
Shannon Wallace
Amanda Wampner

FFA Committee

Katelyn Metzger, OR
Matt Detert
Kristin Hamilton
Allison Horvath
Michael Walsh
Kate Smith

Educational Video Committee

Allen Mesick, CA

Guidebook Committee

Susan Weaver, TX
Ken McCracken, TX


Youth Ambassador

Ethan Harvill, TN