2020 ARBA Youth Awards

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Achievement Jr
District 2 Alana Boman
District 3 Lilanne La
District 5 Carina Johnson
District 7 Landon Ordway
District 8 Kaitlyn Keen
District 9 Sara Forry

National winners
5th place Landon Ordway District 7
4th place Kaitlyn Keen District 8
3rd place Alana Boman District 2
2nd place Abigail Bell District 9
National winner Sarra Forry District 9

Achievement Intermediate
District 1 Zoe Wilson
District 2 Jacie Bell
District 4 Jonas Campbell
District 5 Claira Johnson
District 7 Claira Cuykendall
District 8 Hayden Tinsley
District 9 Krista Skovira

National winners
5th place Claira Cuykendall District 7
4th place Clayton Martone District 9
2nd place Mollilyn Petro District 9 tie
2nd place Jacie Bell District 2
National winner Krista Skovira District 9

Achievement Senior
District 1 Emma Ward
District 2 Trinity Roach
District 3 Kyle Koss
District 4 Morgan Barba
District 5 Katja Walls
District 7 Livia Delattre
District 8 Zane Ortman
District 9 Iassac Bell

National winners
5th palce Katja Walls District 5
4th place Trinity Roach District 2
3rd place Morgan Barba District 4
2nd place Emma Ward District 1
National winner Livia Delattre District 7

Management Limited
District 1 Izzy Hall
District 2 Trinity Roach
District3 Brooke Brady
District 4 Wyatt Nikodym
District 5 Jacob Landzettel
District 8 Zane Ortman
District 9 Mollilyn Petro

National winners
5th Mollilyn Petro District 9
4th Ava Curletto District 2
3rd Trinity Roach District 2
2nd Jacob Landzetell District 5
National winner Zane Ortman District 8

Management Unlimited
Distrit 1 Isabella Stoufer
District 2 Alana Boman
District 3 Kyle Koss
District 5 Katja Walls
District 7 Rebbeca Coombie
District 9 Julie Tonkinson

National winners
5th place Isabella Stoufer District 1
4th place Katja Walls District 5
3rd place Alana Boman District 2
2nd place Rebbecca Coombie District 7
National winner Kylie Koss District 3

Management Cavy
District 1 Zoe Wilson
District 9 Emma Gotwals

National winners
3rd Arianne Martone-Gulling District 9
2nd Emma Gotwalls District 9
National winner Zoe Wilson District 1

Average Management
District 1 Emma Ward
District 2 Bianca Curry
District 3 Emily Mason
District 4 Morgan Barba
District 7 Livia Delattre
District 8 Haydn Tinsley
District 9 Benjamen Cronkite

National winners
5th Livia Delattre District 7
4th Haydn Tinsley District 8
3rd Benjamen Cronkite District 9

2nd Daniel Johnson District 1

National winner Emma Ward District 1


The ARBA Youth Department

The American Rabbit Breeders Association is committed to the development and expansion of the ARBA Youth Department as a means to engage young rabbit and cavy members in reaching their fullest potential – both as knowledgeable and accomplished participants in the rabbit/cavy hobby and as responsible adults capable of contributing in positive ways to the hobby and society in general.

ARBA youth activities and contests provide a variety of enrichment activities that encourage youth participants to develop knowledge and skill regarding rabbit and cavy husbandry; responsibility, teamwork, and leadership. These skills enable youth members to thrive and succeed throughout their lives – within and outside of the hobby.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the 2020 ARBA Youth Contests!

We hope to see many ARBA youth participating in the 2021 ARBA Youth Contests to be held during the 98th ARBA National Convention to be held in Louisville, Kentucky – October 23-27, 2021.

Questions about the ARBA Youth Contests can be directed to the Youth Committee Chair, Tom Berger by email at:

Members who’s circumstances prevent them from attending the National Convention can still participate! The following contests DO NOT require actual attendance at the convention:

Education Contest
T-shirt Contest
Management Contest
Achievement Contest

In addition to the four contests listed above, the Youth Department has several downloadable files to help you succeed when competing in contests, conventions & shows. The Youth Contest Packet includes all youth contest applications and instructions. The guides contain information to help you put your best foot forward. Please download these files to help give you that “edge”.

For questions and comments about the Youth Department and Youth Programs, contact:
Tom Berger
PO Box 365
Lapaz, IN 46537

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