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  • A Cut Above – Evaluating Meat Pens

    As breeders and judges we may not see many, or any, commercial classes at all-breed sanctioned shows throughout most of the year. However, for 2-3 months out of the year as we enter the “Fair Season” these are generally the largest classes we encounter at[...]

  • Success With Market Rabbits

    Exhibiting a pen of rabbits for market class competition at the county fair can be a fun, rewarding, educational, and even profitable project with the right care, feeding, and management. Whether this is your first time as a rabbit owner or not, here are some[...]

  • RHDV2 and your Herd

    If you are a breeder or grower who purchases live rabbits, AGM recommends you review your biosecurity measures as a precaution and take steps to address potential gaps. The following actions will significantly reduce the chance of RHDV2 or other contagious diseases affecting rabbits: •[...]

Blue Holicer

The Blue Holicer is a medium sized rabbit with a stocky, upright cylindrical body, thickly furred ears,  ultra dense medium steel blue fur, and a max weight of 7-1/4 lbs.  The breed was developed in the Czech Republic in the 1950 by a breeder named Imrich Vanek. The breed was recognized by the Central Committee of the Slovak Small Breeders’[...]

Czech Frosty

Don Havlicek Imported the Czech Frosty rabbit from Czech Republic in 2013. This wonderful loving breed stole the hearts of many. The Czech Frosty also called the Schwarzgrannen or Czech Black-Haired, are a medium sized rabbit that originated in the Czech Republic  early 1950’s. It was accepted by the German standard in 1991 and then accepted in the European standard[...]


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