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Officers & Directors

Working together for the membership.

Dr. Chris Hayhow DVM PHD DACVM
Dr. Chris Hayhow DVM PHD DACVMPresident
Chillicothe, OH
Phone: 913-585-1434
Rusty Westhoff
Rusty WesthoffVice President
Thompson Station, TN
Phone: 615-642-7244
Eric Stewart
Eric StewartExecutive Director
Knox, PA
Phone: 814-797-4129
David Freeman
David FreemanTreasurer
Milford, OH
Phone: 513-576-0804
 Arlyse DeLoyola
Arlyse DeLoyolaDirector District 1
Cave Junction, OR
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Northern Asia (Japan), and Western Canada (Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory)
Visit the District 1 Website
Ray Stacy
Ray StacyDirector District 2
Escalon, CA
Phone: 209-518-9587
California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona,
Hawaii and Southern Asia, Australia
David Cardinal
David CardinalDirector District 3
Waupaca, WI
Phone: 715-281-9286
North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska,
Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin
Deb Morrison
Deb MorrisonDirector District 4
Skiatook, OK
Phone: 918-695-2192
Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,
Arkansas, Mexico and Central America
Visit the District 4 Website
Victor Vogts
Victor VogtsDirector District 5
Rosalia, KS
Phone: 620-476-2255
Kansas, Missouri and Illinois
Jim Rowland
Jim RowlandDirector District 6
Lakeland, FL
Phone: 863-660-0814
Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee
Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico,
and South America
Scott Stockwell
Scott StockwellDirector District 7
Cranston, RI
Phone: 617-291-5688
Email: DSStockwell@GMAIL.COM
New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and
Canada: Quebec and East Provinces
Terry Fender
Terry FenderDirector District 8
Lynchburg, OH
Phone: 937-364-2133
Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky
Canada: Manitoba and Ontario
Visit the District 8 Website
 Johnny Haussener
Johnny Haussener Director District 9
Milton, PA
Phone: 570-295-0951
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, D.C. and Africa
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