Judges Conference
District 8
Sponsored by: Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association
Date:  May 5, 2023 6:00 PM
Location: Ohio Expo Center, O’Neil Building
Dr. Kattie Reilly-Oschip
10478 California Street
Aurora, OH 44202

Judges Conference
District 1
Sponsored by: Wanderlust Rabbit & Cavy Shows
Date:  July 7, 2023
Location: Rickreall, Oregon
Wendy Lange & Katelyn. Metzger
8849 Hillcrest Drive
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Virtual Learning Opportunity
A new opportunity is available to all ARBA licensed judges. The ARBA Board has approved online learning courses that allow continuing education to take place remotely. Judges who participate in this virtual learning opportunity and earn at least 5 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) satisfy the ARBA By-Laws requirement that “All licensed judges must attend at least one Judges Conference every five years.” The self-paced courses consist of viewing either the rabbit or cavy presentations online and answering questions to document participation. Each course contains documents and/or videos with accompanying questions. All documents are in .pdf format, and all videos are web links, so you do not need special software or apps to download or view the content. The courses vary in length, but plan for 20–30 minutes for each presentation. Since these courses are self-paced, you do not need to complete all presentations at one time. The software settings will allow you to go back and finish your work. Any judge may earn CECs by completing online courses, regardless of when they last attended a conference.

Please note that you are not required to work through these online courses if you plan to continue attending in-person conferences; they are simply another method for continued learning. Attendance of those participating will be reported to the ARBA office at the end of each month. You will find more details regarding these self-paced courses within the Online Conference Guidelines.
Judges who choose to participate must complete all questions related to the presentation content with responses relevant to the topic. While there are a number of courses available, please note that the guidelines mandate that Posing and Handling must be one of the five courses completed if you choose to leverage this online learning option.
One CEC is earned upon the completion of one course. Current course offerings are listed below:

Rabbit Course Content
You must complete the Posing and Handling course along with four more of your choices. (5 Continuing Education Credits required)
● Posing and Handling (required)
● Basics of Angora Wool
● Cinnamon
● Dutch
● High Head Mount Breeds
● Overview of Standard Changes

Cavy Content
Earning 5 Continuing Education Credits by completing all 5 courses is required.
● Posing and Handling
● Cavy Eye Color
● Cavy Standard 2021-2025
● The Finer Points of Coronets
● White Crested

Please contact the ARBA office at info@arba.net to request links for the virtual courses, and indicate in your request if you would like to receive rabbit content, cavy content, or both options.