How to include rabbits in your FFA program

  • Work with your teacher to design your project
  • Suggested topics include: Nutrition, Genetics, Rabbit Husbandry, etc.

Food production, reproduction, biology, livestock husbandry, proper handling, daily responsibility. While focusing on these topics students learn math, science, business skills, accounting, marketing and graphing data to experiments in their classrooms.


  • Quick Project: Meat Pens 100 Days from Breeding
  • Minimal Start-up Investment. You can begin with only 2 or 3 cages

Tony McCaul
Michigan FFA Meat Rabbit State Contest Creator
FFA Teacher Holland, Michigan

Tony McCaul believes in the 70/20/10 rule when developing content for his FFA Chapter.

He focuses 70% of his teaching on experiential learning, 20% sharing ideas and concepts with classmates and 10% in formal learning in lectures, note taking or quizzes.

“Students learn the best through experiential learning. By bringing rabbits into the classroom, I have been able to teach numerous topics that make an impact in their education. When I developed the idea of the Michigan FFA Meat Rabbit State Contest, my focus was to have my students learn animal agriculture and food production during the spring semester while having a competition at the end to compete with multiple Chapters. I was very inexperienced about rabbits so I partnered with a rabbit expert, David Moll. Together we designed the contest to fit the needs of the classroom and rabbit production. We designed two contests a Home-Grown Project (raised from birth) to Purchased Project (start at 6 weeks). The project is complete in seventy days. The first year there were over 75 pens the State Contest and it is growing. Over 30 Chapters across the state are now competing.”

Information is available online about the Michigan FFA Meat Rabbit State Contest or contact me at:“I highly recommend bringing rabbits into your classroom, students enjoy experiential learning, rabbits are easy to care for, are affordable and students enjoy working with them.”


Meat Pen Article: “A Cut Above”
by Master Meat Pen Judge Caleb Thomas

How to Pose Commercial Rabbits
by ARBA President and Judge – Josh Humphries

Lesson Plan for Rabbit Handling

Rabbit Handling & Observation Study Guide

Classroom Rabbit Care Guidelines

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