Rabbitry Registration


ARBA Rabbitry Registration

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Register your rabbitry name with the ARBA.

Rabbitry names remain valid as long as the memberships of all individuals associated with the rabbitry name remain in good standing. Should a membership become deleted, the rabbitry name is also deleted. All rabbitry registration orders are mailed via first class mail, separate from merchandise orders.

NOTE: ARBA Rabbitry Registrations and other service items do NOT apply to volume discount for shopping cart purchases.
NOTE: All Online Store Purchases must total a MINIMUM of $10.00.

Additional information

Rabbitry Registration

Rabbitry Name – 1 Member, Rabbitry Name – 2 Members, Rabbitry Name – 3 Members, Rabbitry Name – 4 Members, Rabbitry Name – 5 Members, Rabbitry Name – 6 Members

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