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Help others find your rabbitry. Website breeder listings enable new breeders to contact you to purchase stock.

Rabbit breeders who have an ARBA membership can choose to list all of their breeds on the ARBA website for the low rate of $20.00/year. Members may list their name, rabbitry*, City, State/Province, Phone, E-mail, and Website (if applicable).

*Member rabbitry must be officially registered with the ARBA in order to be included.

NOTE: ARBA Website Breeder Listings and other service items do NOT apply to volume discount for shopping cart purchases.


  • Please note only those breeds that are currently recognized by the ARBA are allowed in the listing.
  • Breeders will be listed by breed. Website visitors can jump to a particular breed via the drop-down menu on the Breeder page.
  • Because a number of breeders raise multiple breeds, those breeders will be listed more than once
  • This listing is updated MONTHLY as it is maintained in house. The expiration date will reflect when the listing is uploaded to the website.


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