Czech Frosty

Don Havlicek Imported the Czech Frosty rabbit from Czech Republic in 2013. This wonderful loving breed stole the hearts of many. The Czech Frosty also called the Schwarzgrannen or Czech Black-Haired, are a medium sized rabbit that originated in the Czech Republic  early 1950’s. It was accepted by the German standard in 1991 and then accepted in the European standard in 1995. In 2022 it was accepted into the American Rabbit Breeders Association. It has become the second cylindrical breed recognized by ARBA. The Czech Frosty is a medum size rabbit that is Frosty (also called Ermine or Frosted Pearl) in color. The color is genetically the same as Chinchilla except they are ee, instead of E_. The breed averages around 7.5lbs and are thick enough to be dual purpose for both show and meat. The breed averages 4-8 kits per litter.

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