Dwarf Papillons were developed in Germany under the name Zwergschecken. Translated to English this means Dwarf Check. The idea for Dwarf Papillons was born in Metz, France at the 2015 Europa show.  The Europa World Show had Papillons shown from several countries, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden and Austria; all exhibited under the French name, Nain Papillon. Six of these animals were brought back to the US. Stock was later imported from France and Switzerland, and in January of 2015 an Application for a Foreign Breed using the Zwergschecken standard was applied for. Randy Shumaker, Maddie Pratt, along with spokesman Louis Potter became part of the core group.  They decided to use a name they felt best represented the breed in the US and settled on Dwarf Papillon. In 2020, the Chocolate Dwarf Papillon became ARBA’s 50th recognized breed.

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